Meet the founder

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep and, as a teacher who spends her days in a busy classroom filled with kids, our Sleepy Threads founder would know. 

Christine Tran was born in Melbourne but always had her heart set on an adventure aboard. Her wanderlust saw her set off to teach throughout Asia where her eyes were unexpectedly opened to the world of skincare. Along this journey, she learnt that a beauty routine wasn’t just about cleanse, tone, moisturise, repeat. She tried and tested thousands of products to up her skincare game which now involves up to 10 steps, although she’s not entirely sure she always gets the order right. 

But, over this time there was always one product that really stood out. It wasn’t expensive, it didn’t need to constantly be refilled, it wasn’t painful and it added no extra time to her already extensive beauty regime. The silk pillowcase. From the first time Christine laid her cheek against her brand new, silky-smooth pillow, she knew that life was about to change. Who knew a pillowcase could be so profound?!

Just like that, Christine set out to change the world, one bed at a time, and began sourcing the absolute best materials she could find. In other words, she lost a lot of beauty sleep, so that you don’t have to!

When Christine’s not teaching or running her mini Sleepy Threads empire, you'll either find her curled up with a Kindle, smashing out a workout, riding her bike, binging on K-drama (#CLOY), attempting to bake Japanese cheesecakes, eating the failed attempts, or contemplating about whether or not she should get bangs.

Want to get in touch with Christine? Feel free to ask any questions you might have about her favourite beauty products  (and let her know that bangs are a bad idea).